Be Bear Aware!

It's Spring and the bears are slowly waking up from their Winter slumber. They are hungry and looking for food. Please take the following precautions to keep the park safe from bears.

 - Do NOT put food in your firepit

- Put garbage into the blue bins BEFORE 7pm

- Do NOT leave dog food, cat food, or any other food outside

- Do NOT put bird feeders out until July and put them away if there is a notice on the information board

- Be sure your BBQ is clean after each use

Should you see a bear in the park, please stay calm, and notify the office at 705-853-0361. They are not looking to hurt anyone, they just want to eat. Making loud noises will usually scare them away but you should slowly back away and go into your trailer or nearby shelter. 

For more information on bears go to BEAR FACTS